Sicilia-Puglia Bus Travel: Exploring the Enchanting Salento

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The essence of Salento is contained in this saying: “Lu Salentu: lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu”

The sunshine Del Salento is a sun with a capital S! Beautiful and dominant, absolute king of the sky, always brilliant and without any kind of halon. ll seaside It is the resource par excellence of summer tourism. The particular geographical position of Salento means that the coasts and the hinterland are often and willingly exposed to winds.

If it is true that the comfort of a car is something that is difficult to give up on a vacation, it is also true that the bus allows you to travel, in complete safety and comfort, spending much lower amounts than the cost of the car. With SAIS bus lines, thanks to the precious and tried and tested collaboration with two historic carriers such as Salemi Car Services and MarinoBus, trips by bus from Sicily to Salento with prices starting from 29€. The sooner you book the more you save! SAIS Autolinee allows you not to have to give up space in your suitcase, every passenger can take with them 2 hold luggage + 1 hand luggage. If you wish Take your pet on vacation, no problem, with us it is possible to do it.

Salento destinations to visit

Among the destinations in Salento, which you can reach with SAIS Autolinee, you should definitely not miss Lecce and Gallipoli.

Lecce to be enchanted by the enchantment of the Baroque and Gallipoli An authentic pearl of the Ionian Sea and capital of entertainment, these are places that you will hardly forget once you return home.

You can reach in comfort with our buses even Taranto nicknamed the City of Two Seas for its peculiar position straddling the Big Sea and the Small Sea, Grottaglie famous city of ceramics, Francavilla recognized city of art, Mesagne from the particular heart-shaped center, toasts important commercial and cultural hub of Puglia and jerseys geographical heart of Salento.

Are you ready to go and discover the wonders of an enchanting land in the heart of the Mediterranean? What are you waiting for, book your next bus trip with SAIS Autolinee!

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Often, for moving in groups, the ideal solution is to rent a bus with a driver, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and safe travel experience. SAIS Autolinee, to meet the different needs of travelers, adapts in a versatile and efficient way to their travel needs.